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of concrete and enter the lobby. It is a chess game. Theyre closed every night, he tells me, showing me how to hang off the handle and use his bodys momentum to gradually swing it shut. Inside, walls covered with detailed maps and ancient radio electronics serve as hitbtc bitcoin deposit error vestiges of its military past. Getting started with Bitsane platform is extremely easy. We are under attack 24/7, he tells me, referring to the terrorists and hackers he designed the vault to guard against. Bitsane is a full-featured spot trading exchange for the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iconomi and others. Technically, whats being stored are private, cryptographic keys. No one, not even the operator, enters the cold room.

You can never relax. Its no ordinary vault: Ive been told its inside a decommissioned Swiss military bunker dug into a granite mountain. The cold room contains hardware, which is never connected to the internet, used to sign bitcoin transactions. A few minutes later were at the foot of a mountain, separated only by a 3-meter tall (10 ft) gate. Were surrounded by grazing cows and the odd hiker. The Swiss military built the facility in 1947, and it served as the armys secret headquarters during the Cold War, Agence-France Presse has reported. We pull off the highway and onto a single-track road. A passageway through the granite mountain. Michel Streiff of Deltalis with one of the Cold War-era military maps (Joon Ian Wong/Quartz).