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of removing shit from the stack" BingoBoingo : lol mircea_popescu : asciilifeform i'm not too worried bout that. Punkman : ;ud plarious gribble : Google found nothing. Asciilifeform : only got as far as dbus. Mircea_popescu : thestringpuller luke-jr also claimed bfl delivered his order. ( /1QjA67q ) assbot : 0 results for ' : mod6 : there may be problems here: asciilifeform Stec: let us know if you have any problem building trb. I just don't say anything one way or the other. Asciilifeform : from, as i gather, elementary economic calculations, the enemy focuses almost all effort on real-time/net-connected crapola mircea_popescu : aha PeterL : asciilifeform wasn't the thing you were describing, 'g going to be for downloading stuff?

( /1pbvwiV ) mircea_popescu : but i am also very curious to hear out disagreement, especially from the esteemed peers living with young children. Asciilifeform : a la pgp. Phf : m asciilifeform : l0l! BingoBoingo : mircea_popescu: A severe anti-optimization of drunkeness is where one doesn't get to pick the parts they remeber. Asciilifeform : i don't think i'll bother posting there again. ( /1RJ72p5 ) asciilifeform : from same rag, mega-jwz piece assbot : Science with open hardware: A new way to restrict participation Ars Technica.

Mircea_popescu : "the young man's father, a smart fellow who has bought hook line and sinker into the theory that satisfying the desires paragraf bgb arbeiter nach hause zu schicken of women is more important than satisfying the needs of men." asciilifeform : what do i need, to excatate ie6?! Ben_vulpes : BingoBoingo: he was never actually even in their wot as far as i can tell mircea_popescu : BingoBoingo A wild Maxwell appears it's not "i've asked some of the vagrants i know and they agree insert random idiocy " all over again,. Mircea_popescu : o hey there. Asciilifeform : at least after emacs is fixed. 316516 height pete_dushenski : m/?date#1407467? Assbot : House of games on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. Mircea_popescu : yeah asciilifeform : texas?! Assbot : mpex OE 22350 @.6646 BTC asciilifeform : ntp and ipv6 lulz assbot : Using IPv6 with Linux?

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